Common Problems That Should be Fixed by an AC Service Provider

Have Your AC Fixed by an Expert

When using your AC, you wouldn’t expect it to break down especially if you just bought it just recently. But sometimes, mechanical issues cannot be avoided and working on this all by yourself can really be complicated and difficult. There is a reason why AC service companies exist: they are able to attend to whatever issues your AC has. Listed below are some common air conditioner problems that should be handled by an HVAC technician:

Cooling Issues

Since the job of an air conditioner is to cool a specific area, it should do its job properly. One sign that it has problems is that it’s not blowing enough cold air. Even though you’ve already put it on max temperature and it still won’t blow cold air, then the problem may lie with the compressor. This is one component that should only be handled by an expert, so think twice before you do the repairs and maintenance on your own because you may bring further damage to the said unit.


Another sign that your AC has issues is that water is leaking from the unit. This shouldn’t happen because the unit has a hose that redirects water to the outside of the unit. The leaks will occur if the hose has been clogged with dirt and other kinds of debris. Again, it is best to leave the issue to the experts because as this can be very complicated work if you do the fixing all by yourself.

The main reason why you need to call an AC service company is that you need to get it fixed right away. If you don’t want to hassle yourself with all the work, then calling Park Air Inc is the best solution you can do. We are based in Sanford, FL and you can always get in touch with us by calling this number, (321) 382-8608.