Signs You Need to Have Your AC Serviced

Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance  

When the hot days of summer take over, you need to ensure that your air conditioner is at its optimal condition. The atmosphere outside can be very unkind and a non-working air conditioner is the least you can expect. You can bathe in sweat outside your home but never let it happen when you’re inside it. Being exposed to too much heat doesn’t only make you sweat but it can also give you headaches and it can get you dehydrated. In order to ensure that your home can provide you with the utmost comfort you need, have it checked or maintained by a reputable AC service provider in your area.

There are signs that can tell you if your air conditioner needs some serious attention and these are:

Strange Sounds

It is normal for your air conditioner to make noise but when you hear a rattling, hissing, grinding, or popping sound, it already needs to be inspected. Although some of these sounds don’t really mean you’re AC is in critical condition, have it checked by a professional anyway so the problem can be spotted and be resolved right away. Consider the hissing and grinding sounds as critical indicators that something wrong is going on with it.

Odd Smells

Air conditioners are meant to provide you with a comfortable temperature indoors, not to expel a foul odor. If you smell something coming out from your AC, like a burning smell, turn it off and contact a professional AC technician right away to avoid the danger of getting it on fire.

Restricted Airflow

If your AC is blowing warm air rather than cold, or if it is not blowing air at all, there is definitely is something wrong with it. The air filters or ductwork may be clogged. Call a professional AC technician to have it inspected and repaired immediately.

Excessive moisture and high energy consumption are also other signs that your AC needs to be inspected by a professional. In Sanford, FL, one of the reliable AC service providers you can turn to is Park Air Inc.