Signs Your Appliance Need an Air Conditioning Repair

When to Repair Your Home AC  

When air conditioning problems occur, it never comes at the most convenient times. Often, it is an extremely hot day that pushes the system of your AC beyond its capability. When your AC breaks, you wouldn’t want your whole family to suffer the inconvenience. When you ensure the system of your AC is maintained, you can avoid this mishap. Also, you should pay attention to some signs that you already need an air conditioning repair.

Squeaky Wheel

If the AC system is beginning to make strange squeaky or grating sounds, you have to heed the noise and call for help. Prolonged avoidance of this warning sign will only lead to more damage. This noise occurs when a belt is out of place, components will require lubrication or the motor is already broken. It is important not to make any delays; doing so can lead to more costly repairs. You have to look for a professional air conditioning repair right away.

Compromised Flow

One common symptom of a faulty AC system is having a poor airflow. This issue may be due to a filter problem or a duct-related issue.


Once you notice that there’s leakage from or around the air conditioning unit, you have to address the problem immediately. This problem could be due to two main culprits. This problem might be due to blocked drain tubes or a broken one; which is less serious. But this could also be a more serious problem, which might be due to a more serious refrigerant leak. Either way, it needs immediate action to avoid further problems.


If your air conditioning system is starting to smell, you have to pay attention. This odor could be a sign that it lacks maintenance which causes bacteria growth in the AC coil. Moreover, musty smells are a sign of mold coming from the unit or ductwork.

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