Tell-Tale Signs for an AC Repair

For a Longer Cool Feel  

Air conditioning units, especially the older ones, do make a lot of noise and as long as the unit is doing its job, some homeowners will choose to ignore it. However, some other tell-tale signs could indicate that you need an immediate AC repair. Read on to learn more about signs to look out for.

Low Airflow

Do you ever turn on your AC and let it run for some time to get that desired temperature? This is a sure sign of a damaged AC unit. It could be because of a failed compressor, or blocked vents. Poor airflow is a common indication that your air conditioner is no longer working properly or that air blockage does not move air properly across the duct. This problem of inadequate airflow requires immediate AC repair.

Unusual Noises

Modern air conditioners are much quieter than older models. However, if they still make some loud sounds when operating, chances are, there’s a problem with your unit. When you start hearing odd noise like squeaking, rattling, or gurgling noises, never ignore them and instead, call on the pros to possibly set remedies before things get worse.

Bad Smell

The air that comes out of an AC unit is distinct but it should not be described as bad. If you notice a foul smell coming from your unit, then you should have it looked at as soon as possible. Things as simple as changing your air filter or having a technician thoroughly clean your unit will fix this issue. If not, there could be something stuck or worse, some electrical faults in it.

ACs are certainly needed for more comfortable living. However, just like any other appliances, they too are subject to wear and tear. If any of the above-mentioned occurs or any other weird stuff about your AC, call on Park Air Inc at (321) 382-8608 for an immediate AC repair. We cater to clients in Sanford, FL and the surrounding areas.