Tell-Tale Signs that You Need an AC Repair Service

Keeping Your Cool  

Although it isn’t really difficult to tell when your air conditioning system may be in need of repairs, some people do not take the signs seriously and neglect the job that they should be doing at the word ‘go’. Since the cooling from an air conditioner is considered to be very subjective, at times some homeowners fail to differentiate between whether their air conditioner really isn’t working or is it all in their head. This belief is further amplified by DIY hacks on social media that make the users believe that there isn’t anything wrong with their air conditioning system, and even if there is something wrong, they can probably handle it by themselves. The best way to fight the summer heat and to stay tall against it is by having your air conditioner on during all times of the day. But, what can you do if your air conditioning system isn’t doing the job that you have determined for it? This is when you need to take things seriously and get an AC repair from an experienced professional.

Weird Noises

Air conditioners make noise during operation because of a compressor. However, when you start hearing odd gurgling noises or some other weird sound the unit has never made before, then it’s probably a sign the air conditioner is getting ready to quit.

Warmer Air

When your air conditioner is functioning probably, you should expect a steady flow of cool air coming from the vents. However, you may notice the fan is still blowing but the air is warm or even hot. This could be a sign of blocked airflow in your AC system or a faulty compressor. You need someone in the know that can inspect every component of the system, including the ducts and even the thermostat. Not taking care of this issue could lead to bigger ones.

Unpleasant Smell

Holding your nose indoors isn’t something that should be associated with your AC unit. However, it’s likely an indication that your AC needs a tune-up or a professional cleaning. Your ductwork might also need to be cleaned or replaced.

Higher Bills

Sometimes it seems like your air conditioner is doing its job as normal, and then you get hit with a sky-high utility bill. What on earth happened? The problem could be anything from a leak in the ductwork, to a broken thermostat switch, or simply the sheer age of your AC unit.

It is everyone’s wish to be comfortable especially when you are at home. There’s no place like home, that is, and no better feeling than to feel relaxed and at ease when you’re in it. If you are in Sanford, FL or the surrounding areas and in need of an AC repair service, contact Park Air Inc. With over 43 years of industry experience, you will be assured of a quality result. Call us at (321) 382-8608.