That is Why You Should Only Trust a Professional AC Contractor

Mistakes That Amateurs Make!  

Contractors for heating and air conditioning make mistakes like the rest of us. They make errors that affect the performance and effectiveness of the installed and maintained AC systems. They make errors that sometimes affect their customers. And they are making mistakes that affect their businesses. Here are common mistakes that an AC contractor usually makes:

Don’t Understand Combustion Safety

The problem is that most AC contractors don’t know much about combustion appliances backdrafting. They don’t test for it either. If you are an AC contractor and are not testing on these calls for flue gases and worst-case depressurization, you leave a potentially dangerous situation.

Ignoring Home Performance

AC companies are in crevasses, crawl spaces and attics of homes yet fail to advise the homeowner on possible efficiency upgrades such as insulation and air sealing, but it is often never stated to the homeowner. In the world of “home comfort,” the latter term seems to be forgotten by a lot of heating and air conditioning contractors, although it would benefit their company as well as the living circumstances of those in the home.

Ignoring Air Flow

When it comes to AC, airflow is everything, but most AC contractors also don’t understand it well. Ductwork is often the incorrect size for the home leaving inefficiencies and leaks. If AC contractors exactly understood airflow, most ductwork systems would be much bigger than they are.

Trying To Be The Low Bidder

They must keep all their expenses as low as possible when contractors attempt to get a low-bid job. They employ poorly qualified techs and then do not do enough or anything to correctly train them and update them. They do as little job as they can on the distribution system as possible.

Be aware of these mistakes when hiring an AC contractor. If you are looking for one in Sanford, FL, hire Park Air Inc now! We make sure not to commit these mistakes. Call us at (321) 382-8608 now!