Tips from an AC Contractor

Common Myths About Air-Conditioning Systems

As an AC contractor, we’ve met with lots of homeowners who need help with fixing their cooling systems. Through these interactions, we’ve come to the realization that numerous people have misconceptions about air-conditioning systems. We’ve listed below some of the common myths about cooling equipment and why you shouldn’t believe them:

Myth #1: Temperature is the only thing that ACs control.

It’s definitely true that your air-conditioning system is designed to control temperature regulation, but this isn’t the only thing that it’s responsible for! Most cooling equipment are also designed to dehumidify indoor spaces, which means that it can help you ensure that your home is always at the ideal humidity level. This is why it’s important to ensure that your AC is the right size for your property: if it’s too large, it will have to cycle at a faster frequency than normal and it won’t be able to dehumidify your space. This can pave the way to mold and mildew growth as well as other types of humidity issues.

Myth #2: Your house will cool quicker if you’ll turn down the thermostat.

Most makes and models of cooling equipment are often designed to work at a steady speed. This means that your air-conditioning unit won’t be able to cool your living space quicker if your thermostat is set to the lowest setting — it will simply run at a consistent pace until it reaches the temperature you want. So, you should never make it a habit to turn down your thermostat unless you want to make your cooling equipment develop premature wear and tear and shorten its lifespan.

These are some of the air-conditioning myths that we’ve encountered over the years. If you need more tips, or if you’re searching for an AC contractor that can help you fix or maintain your cooling equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Park Air Inc! Dial (321) 382-8608 now to learn more about our HVAC services in Sanford, FL and book an appointment with us.