When to Book a Professional AC Repair Service

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs a Serious Repair Job

Air conditioners are invaluable appliances, especially during the hot summer season. Thanks to this appliance, you can lounge and relax around your home comfortable. Air conditioners also need to be maintained by you regularly. Doing this makes your unit last for a long period of time. If your air conditioner is blowing warm air instead of cool air, book an AC repair service.

As time passes, the air conditioner becomes prone to several technical problems. These issues aren’t always visible to the unit so it’s important you keep a close eye on the unit. Repairing the air conditioner early on will prevent further issues. It’s essential you know when to call for help. Here are the indications that it’s time for you to book an AC repair service:

  • Compromised Airflow

Do you notice a decrease in airflow in the air conditioner even if you’ve adjusted the setting? If you, then you should have the air conditioner checked by a contractor. The compromised airflow is most likely caused by the faulty filter or a damaged ductwork. Only an air conditioner expert can determine the cause of the problem and resolve it efficiently.

  • Moisture Leaks

Do you notice strange water puddles around your air conditioner lately? The puddles are most likely caused by refrigerant problems or a blocked pipe in your unit. These are often the cause if the leaks aren’t found on the condensation pan. Calling an air conditioner contractor is the best option that you have if you want to restore your unit to its former glory.

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